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Knotted Natural Leash with Coupler


Knotted rope leashes are created using a traditional and strong sailor makers knot which is strong and durable ensuring your pet stays safe and sophisticated at the same time. Couplers are the ultimate tool to walking two or more dogs at once. No more tangling multiple leashes, no more tripping over multiple leashes

The Howling Zodiac Rope Leashes and collars are all handcrafted with 100% cotton three strand rope. Marine grade, quality cotton rope is soft yet strong and also has slight ‘give’ to ease the tension in your hands as your dog pulls. All of our rope products are dyed using a fibre reactive dye which chemically bonds to the fibres of the rope, instead of just ‘staining’ the cotton like many other cheaper dyes. Because of this high quality dye, our ropes do not need to be bonded to the dye using hot water or harmful chemicals leaving them strong and safe.

Note: colours may vary from images and real life. These are all handmade items which means the shades of colours may vary slightly.

  • 12mm 3 Strand Cotton Rope
  • Heavy duty snap hook, with o ring attachment 
  • 4ft length with stainless steel hardware
  • Additional 40cm ‘coupler’
  • Strong and durable
  • All 100% handmade in Australia
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Can be used to walk a single dog, or two dogs with the coupler attachment (included)

Category: Lead, Leash